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Jura Z5-Z6-Z7-Z9-GIGA Brew Group
Jura Z5-Z6-Z7-Z9-GIGA Brew Group | Error 8 Fix | 69059


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Jura Capresso-Impressa Z5-Z6-Z7-Z9-GIGA Brew Group

Model Line: Model: Model Number:
Jura Capresso-Impressa Z-Line: Z5 - Z6 - Z7 - Z9 13214 - 13339 - 13418 - 13299 - 13549 - 13752
Jura GIGA-Line: GIGA 5 - GIGA X3 - GIGA X7 - GIGA X8 - GIGA X9 - GIGA W3 13623 – 15089 - 13624

How To Remove Z5-Z6-Z7-Z9 Brew Group

  • Remove the water tank.
  • Remove the 2 black, oval head screws from the top of the panel that the water tank rests against with an oval head key. Once the screws are removed, remove the panel. You now have access to the brew group.
  • Remove the 3 T15 Torx screws that secure the brew group. 2 screws are located on opposite sides of the brew group drive shaft. Do not remove the smaller screw above the T15 torx screw located on the left side of the drive shaft. The third screw secures the drain valve to the machine (located at the bottom of brew group).
  • Disconnect the Hairpin clip that secures the fluid nipple to the brew group and remove the nipple by pulling upward. This part is located at the top of the brew group. You will notice a silicone tube connects one end with the dispensing spout and the opposite end is inserted directly into the riser tube. You can now remove the entire brew group.