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La Spaziale Boiler Valve 1/2"M

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La Spaziale BOILER VALVE 1/2"M

Boiler safety valve for espresso machine

is your espresso machine making a hissing sound?

This boiler safety valve a.k.a. safety valve is specifically designed to fit all La Spaziale espresso machine boilers and negate the leaking boiler problem.


Compatible with:
  • La Spaziale espresso machines
It's used as safety mechanism and limits the coffee pressure.

One of the major factors which control the quality of your espresso is the pressure with which the water is delivered to the coffee.

Its job is to keep the pressure from exceeding a predetermined level. Most espresso machines control that pressure by using a this simple boiler valve. Also referred to as a pressure relief valve or over-pressure valve.

The scale build is normally the cause for the damage to the safety valve. The spring will become weak with years of pressure pushing against it and eventually it will start to leak.

If you hear hissing and/or see some dripping from the pressure relief valve, it's time to change the boiler valve.